Van Life

A 75 year old sets off in his campervan to see ALL of the United States.

Friday. Jan 10, 2020

It was a beautiful sunny winter day. It felt familiar and comfortable. I took a taxi to the port. The fare was 5,40 GBP. I gave the driver 10 GBP and told him to keep it. He said "Are you sure?" I said "Yes. I don't understand English change." He laughed. Tonight there was a military [...]

My End of the World Tour

I'm watching Iranian missiles raining down on Iraqi bases. U.S. cabinet members are rushing to the situation room as if this wasn't expected after the assasination of General Suleimani. Is this the beginning of World War III? Tomorrow I'm heading to England to start a round the world trip. On Friday I will board the [...]

Cuba – America’s Bastard Stepchild

Part 1: 1492 - 1898 As the bus pulled away from Havana's Jose Marti airport I realized that, although I was only a few miles from Florida, I was in a different world. The roads teemed with people even though we were far from the city. People were walking. Walking with purpose. These are people [...]

Sambo(o) and the Gay Quakers

Robert Lawson was a gay quaker. Unlike his more sober brethren, Robert enjoyed a programmed meeting where he could sing hymns loudly and lustily. He also enjoyed a pot of rum, a pipe of tobacco and, before bed, a warm cup of cocoa. He didn't feel that these little pleasures distracted him from The Truth; [...]