Texan Hipsters and a Flying Nun

I had read a few things about Marfa, the tiny south-western Texas town inhabited by artsy hipsters from Brooklyn, and so while I was in the area I decided to drop by and check it out. It's about 70 miles from Van Horn to Marfa on highway 90. As I drove through the sandy scrubland [...]


When the Pullmantur cruise ship, The Monarch, sailed into Colon many of the older passengers were suffering from a respiratory infection that we had caught at the half-way point of our journey from the Canary Islands. We had sniffled, coughed and brought up gallons of mucus. Our cabins were our prison cells but also our [...]

Tarpon Springs – Greek Heritage

Tarpon Springs is a small city in Central Florida on the Gulf coast. It has the highest percentage of Greek Americans in the United States. The city grew up, at the end of the nineteenth century, around the sponge industry when fishermen from Key West and the Bahamas began to hook and process them. In [...]

Our Mick Running out of Petrol

Mick was driving back from Christmas at Our Claire's in LA. He was using the new gps Claire had bought him and that brought him along the old and original Highway to Hell. Not many vehicles use that old road anymore and the desert has reclaimed many of the dilapidated gas stations, diners and motels [...]