Cuba – America’s Bastard Stepchild

Part 1: 1492 - 1898 As the bus pulled away from Havana's Jose Marti airport I realized that, although I was only a few miles from Florida, I was in a different world. The roads teemed with people even though we were far from the city. People were walking. Walking with purpose. These are people [...]

Down Mexico way

In 1971 I had a low-level job at the British Consulate in Los Angeles. My title was Commercial Assistant which meant that I read through the Yellow Pages in search of export opportunities for British companies. In those days there weren't many export opportunities for British companies. The Japanese were strong competitors on the west [...]

Texan Hipsters and a Flying Nun

I had read a few things about Marfa, the tiny south-western Texas town inhabited by artsy hipsters from Brooklyn, and so while I was in the area I decided to drop by and check it out. It's about 70 miles from Van Horn to Marfa on highway 90. As I drove through the sandy scrubland [...]